With BLAURent a car there are no unpleasant surprises.


Can I choose the brand or model of my car?

Our system books by categories (example: Economy 5 door), so there can be many models and brands for each category. Therefore it is not possible for us to guarantee, that you will get a specific model. If at the moment you receive the car we have availability of the one you want, then we will give it to you. The same thing with fuel; you cannot choose between petrol or diesel. Model, fuel and car colour will depend on the cars available in our office on pick up date.


Do I need a credit card to make my booking?



Are there age restrictions for renting a car?

Three years driving license minimum experience . Minimum Age: 23 years. 


Who can drive the car?

Only those who have been added as drivers on the signed rental agreement as main or additional driver


Can I take a car off of the islands?

No. You are not allowed, not even within islands. You are not covered by our insurance.


Can I reduce the excess to 0 €?

Yes, it is possible. When making your reservation, you have the option to contract Insurance without Deductible i which eliminates the excess. Only valid for people over 25 years.


Can I have a look to the rates before booking the car?

All you have to do is pick the rental dates and times, the car you want and you will be quoted a price. If you agree with this price, than you can go ahead with the booking.


Fuel Policy

The car will be delivered with a full tank, having to be returned full. In case of refueling with an improper fuel, the expenses caused will be charged to the renter.


Which documents do I need to receive my car?

Please bring your passport or ID card, drivers licence and credit card. If there are additional drivers, passport or ID card and drivers licence.


Can I return the car in a different place than I received it?

Yes. You should indicate this when booking, as lond as it is included in the ares that we operate.


How can I cancel my reservation? Is there any penalty for canceling

Simply calling our telephone +34 971 74 55 71 or sending an e-mail to

There is no penalty for canceling a reservation. 


Will I receive my car in the Airport?

Yes. You can pick up the car in front of the arrivals terminal, at the 3th floor of the airport parking.


Can you deliver/pick up the car to my Flat/hotel/Villa? Do I have to pay extra?

We can deliver your the vehicle to the address of your choice, as long as it is in the ares that we operate. Please indicate the full address of the pick-up/return correctly.

This service is free of charge.


Is the compulsory car insurance included in the fee?

Yes, the coverage of the compulsory Car insurance and liability insurance to ensure damages against third parties are always included in the rental.